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2024 Circle Cut Plate

Saw Cut Circle

2024 Circle Cut Plate
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Std. cut tolerance -0/+.125"

2024 Aluminum Plate

2024 t351 Plate Cut Circles are band saw cut circles, they are cut oversized to allow to machine clean up. The Band Saw will leave light ridges for our circle saw, not smooth.

Band Saw Circle Cut Edge

Standard Circle Cut Tolerance:  +.250"/-.00" 



2024 Aluminum Plate is made of an aluminum-copper alloy, with high strength-to-weight ratio. 2024 plate has several applications including truck and aircraft wheels, truck suspension parts, and is useful in aircraft fuselage components. 2024 Aluminum Plate does have limited weldability, however 2024 Aluminum plate is less corrosion resistant than other alloys.


2024-T351 Aluminum Plate

Our 2024 plate has T351 temper, indicating it has been solution heat treated, cold worked, and naturally aged, followed by a minimal stretching to reduce stresses in the material.

2024 t351 aluminum plate has good fatigue resistance and is specified for many structural applications for aerospace, including structural components, wing tension structure, and shear ribs and webs. Midwest Steel & Aluminum stocks a full size range of 2024 t351 Aluminum Plate in sizes ¼'' through 6'' thick.

--Due to material handling and processing items may have light scratching. Raw Material is not meant to have a finished cosmetic look--

Band saw cut Rings also available! call for a quote

2024-T351 Aluminum has a tensile strength range of 30-63 KSI, and conforms to AMS QQ-A-250/4, and ASTM B209

 Mill Thickness Tolerance ranges from -0 to +.014/0.130 depending on thickness.  Call for specific tolerance if needed.


2024 plate uses include: truck wheels, screw machine products, aircraft structures.

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