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ATP-5 ™   Precision Cast Aluminum Plate

Vista Metals Corp. is committed to meeting the diverse needs of its customers by providing our complete line of Aluminum Plate products. With state-of-the-art technology, equipment and processing systems, Vista Metals Corp. has engineered ATP-5™ Aluminum Tooling Plate to meet a diverse range of manufacturing applications. With its consistent mechanical properties and dimensional stability characteristics, ATP-5™ has become the product of choice for those applications where stringent flatness tolerances and dimensional control are critical. Produced with an aluminum-magnesium alloy, ATP-5™ has outstanding machinability and responds very well in today’s high speed cutting environments. This unique combination of performance characteristics reduces machining time, improves efficiencies and has made ATP-5™ the specified choice of companies around the world.

Duramold 5 ™ Cast Aluminum Mold Plate

Duramold-5™ is another premier product developed by Vista Metals Corp. to offer mold builders an additional option for their mold applications. Vista's state of the art technology combines this aluminum-magnesium alloy with their unparalleled size capabilities for mold applications ranging from small to extremely large. With slightly less strength and hardness than Duramold-2™, the 5% weight reduction of this alloy offers a high strength to weight ratio for consideration in applications where higher mold operating temperatures are not of concern.

Duramold 2 ™ Cast Aluminum Mold Plate

Duramold-2™ was designed by Vista Metals Corp. to offer mold builders a superior aluminum plate product for applications where increased hardness and strength are required to meet their production expectations. In continuous production since 1988, Vista's state of the art technology combines this unique aluminum-copper alloy with their unparalleled size capabilities to offer aluminum plate for mold applications ranging from small to extremely large. Duramold-2 ™ has outstanding machinability and responds very well in today's high speed cutting environments. Duramold-2 ™ is the best choice when higher mold operating temperatures are part of the equation.

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Sapa ACC-U-LINE ™ Aluminum Extruded Rod, Bar and Hex
Sapa's new ACC-U-LINE™ represents the best and most complete line of aluminum extruded rod, bar and hex products on the market. Our products assure next-level quality in dimensional tolerances, mechanical properties, machinability and surface finish... all backed by independent laboratory testing. ACC-U-LINE offers extraordinarily uniform grain structure in 6061 rod and bar for outstanding precision machining. Tolerances for size, flatness, straightness and twist are 1/2 or closer than standard extruded tolerances with improved surface appearance and enhanced results from anodizing. ACC-U-LINE™ is also available in 6082, 6042 and 6262 free machining alloys.
Consistent, controlled grain structure is the core of ACC-U-LINE™. Sapa Extrusions North America operates more presses with indirect extrusion press technology than any other soft alloy extruder in North America. Indirect extrusion reduces the frictional heat generated during extrusion, resulting in rod, bar and hex products that have more consistent dimensions, mechanical properties and grain structure. ACC-U-LINE™ products are the right choice for applications in many markets because of their remarkable combination of properties and close tolerances.  In addition to their attractive appearance and corrosion-resistant finish, they offer high performance properties and excellent machining characteristics.

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Alimex™ Aluminum Plate Products
Alimex develop and produce aluminum cast plates for highest demands and manufactures aluminum components according to your wishes. Since 1985, the aluminum cast plate ACP 5080 is one of our best sellers. In the course of time, Alimex expanded the product portfolio of this high precision aluminum material with its extremely low micro-porosity by the following semi-finished aluminum products: ACP 5080R, ACP 5080MF, ACP 6000 and ACP 5080R GIANT as well as ACP 5080 GIANT. The delivery range is rounded off by the alimex owned products PLANAL 5083, PLANAL 6082, PLANAL 7075, AMP 7000 and AMP 8000, standardized rolled material and rods.