303 Stainless Steel Bearing Shaft

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303 Stainless Steel Bearing Shaft
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Std. cut tolerance -.00"/+.125"
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Due to material handling and processing items may have light scratching. Raw Material is not meant to have a finished cosmetic look
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Stock Size: 144.0000 inches
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303 Bearing Shaft Quality (303 BSQ)

has a smooth and undersized finish for application of bearings. 303 Bearing shaft quality will have 32RMS surface finish to allow a more smooth finish and round bar which can help the life of the shaft. 303 Bearing Shafts are ground to a .0005”-.0015” tolerance under the dimension to give a slip fit


303 Stainless Steel BSQ Round Bar

Annealed and Centerless Ground Non-Magnetic Optimum Machining ASTM A 582 Cond. A | AMS 5640 Type 1 | QQ-S-764 Cond. A Standard Lengths: 12 Ft. Random

303 Stainless BSQ round bar conforms to AMS-5640 Type 1, ASTM A 582 Cond. A and QQ-S-764 Cond. A


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