Custom Shape Aluminum Extrusion

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Midwest Steel & Aluminum’s custom aluminum extrusion team can help you reduce your cost on your production machining aluminum requirements. By partnering with Midwest Steel & Aluminum on your next order we can:

  •  Reduce machining and production Time.
  •  Improve competitive pricing by reducing weight and the time it takes to bring the part to a finished size
  •  Provide Design Assistance on custom dies
  •  Offer Vendor Managed Inventory (V.M.I) available for just in time requirements
  •  Precision cut to length +/- .005” available


Note that there are significant differences in the vendors you choose to partner with for your custom extruded aluminum bar. Midwest Steel & Aluminum is a “Premier Distributor” for SAPA Acculine bar. Acculine bar products are the industry’s highest quality Rod & Bar. Sapa is the established leader in machine grade bar products, it what’s inside that counts!


When purchasing a custom aluminum extrusion from Midwest Steel & Aluminum you will receive exceptionally tight tolerance extruded product that will have both Uniform Grain Structure (for smaller, shorter, more manageable chips with less bird nesting, providing improved machining speeds and Improved Surface appearance) and enhanced results when anodizing


Click for more information on Sapa ACC-U-Line products.



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