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Duramold 5 Aluminum Plate

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Duramold 5 Plate

Aluminum Mold Plate Duramold 5 is distributed by Midwest Steel and Aluminum, offers mold builders an additional option for their mold applications. Duramold 5 Aluminum Plate (5083 alloy) aluminum is a premium quality aluminum mold plate that offers Excellent Machinability, High Strength to weight ratio and Excellent Corrosion Resistance. Duramold 5 is vertically cast to ensure a uniform tight grain structure that is vacuum chamber quality and ultra sonic inspected. Duramold 5 plate is an excellent candidate for any mold or semi-conductor application. Duramold 5 plate material is available in either CAST MOLD PLATE or PRECISION MACHINED CAST PLATE (Cast Tool & Jig plate ATP 5) produced by Vista Metals. Duramold 5 plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy is available for mold applications ranging from small to extremely large. Duramold 5 plate has slightly less strength and hardness than Duramold 2 Plate, the 5% weight reduction of this alloy offers a high strength to weight ratio for consideration in applications where higher mold operating temperatures are not of concern. Duramold 5 Aluminum Plate has a fine microstructure making this an ideal candidate for vacuum chamber or applications where pressure integrity is critical. Duramold 5 Plate is an excellent alternative to applications specifying Alpase M5 plate.

Duramold 5 plate is available in sizes 2'' to 38'' thick in virtually any incremental thickness and up to 94'' in width. This makes Duramold 5 Plate an ideal candidate for large and oversized chamber applications.

Please contact sales to discuss which Aluminum Mold Plate option is best for your application.


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