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Duramold 2 Plate 


Duramold 2 Plate offers mold builders a superior aluminum plate product for applications where increased hardness and strength are required. Duramold 2 Plate is a unique aluminum copper alloy (2618 alloy) and is offered in sizes ranging from small to extremely large.

Duramold 2 plate has outstanding machinability and responds very well in high speed cutting environments, as well as when higher mold operating temperatures are required.

Duramold 2 Plate has a higher brinell hardness when compared to some other aluminum mold plate alloys. Duramold 2 Plate is an excellent choice for mold builders that are requiring excellent machinability and great performance when put into applications requiring elevated temperatures.

Duramold 2 Aluminum Plate is available in thicknesses 2'' to 38'' thick and width up to 94''. Duramold 2 Plate applications include; Molds for the automotive industry, blow molds, structural foam molds, rubber molds, low pressure injection molds, thermoforming molds, R.I.M. and R.T.M. moldings. Duramold 2 Plate is the best choice when higher mold temperatures are required for the application. Duramold 2 is a great alternative to Aplase M-1 mold plate. 

Please contact us to determine if Duramold 2 Plate is the best product for your application. 

 Duramold 2™ / Duramold 5™ / 6061 Comparison

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